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Great site!
No request, just wanted to say 'thank you', Ellen, for compiling this information. I stumbled onto the site while trying to make a game-plan that includes couponing/cooking ahead and freezing/plus cooking from scratch in order to make my families mealtimes less frantic and healthier, not too mention less expensive. I do host a few parties and dinners over the year, so having this as a resource will help me immensely! I don't love to cook, nor am I very good at it (thank goodness DH is!), so I was very concerned about undertaking this chore...but your site makes me think that I *might* be able to do it! Wish me luck! Oh, I do have a you have any suggestions for the use of frozen egg yolks? We made merengue cookies recently, and I insisted we freeze and save the yolks...but now what?! Thank you, again, from a Mom who needs all the help she can get!
Ana, feeding a family healthy food you can afford is a worthwhile project, congratulations on taking it seriously.

My very favorite thing to do with egg yolks is make baked custard or fla, they are also good for making the base for at home-made ice cream, and you can throw 2 or 3 in a batch of scrambled eggs or omelets with good results.