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1st Bday party
We are having a 1st birthday party in two weeks.
The party is set to start at 2pm. 50 adults
20 kids (under 7)
The menu so far is:
6ft hero - grilled chickem fresh mozzerella, roasted red peppers
penne with vodka sauce
arroz con pollo
sausage and peppers
chicken nugget & fries (for the kids)
fruit platter

The only catered item will be the hero. The rest of the food will be made by myself and family members.

Do I have enough options in terms of main dishes? What should the quantities of each be? Should I add a green salad or potato/macaroni salad? Should I add some hors d'oeuvres? is so how many options and quantities?

I would count this as 2/3 of 100.

This is a lot of entrees for 65 people, which makes it harder to estimate.

A full 6 foot sub is 25 servings.

meatballs- 8-10 pounds- mostly eaten as appetizers
arroz con pollo- about 25 servings (40-50 pieces of chicken)
sausage and peppers- You could skip this or the meatballs- 8 pounds sausage, equal weight veggies
chicken nugget & fries (for the kids)- About 100 nuggets- the grown ups will eat them too, as appetizers

penne with vodka sauce- unless this is a family favorite or specialty, I suggest you go with a more kid-friendly sauce; about 8 pounds of pasta. You will have some left, because of the rice, but with this menu, it is very difficult to guesstimate who will choose what.

I would definitely add a green salad or relish tray, or an antipasto tray would take care of the appetizer issue.