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graduation party for about 150 people
Hi I was wondering about how much to make I have never planned a party this large. The menu as of right know (subject to change ?) is Chicken piece's pulled pork sand. cheesy potatoes pasta salad fruit salad potato salad? chips pretzels water pop beer HELP!!!
Toni, for 150 people, you just use 1 1/2 times the amount for 100. The only place you need some extra help is on the meats.

Chicken piece's- 1 piece per person, cut 8 pieces per chicken
pulled pork sand- 1 pound (2 cups)ready to eat per 4 people. 4 buns per pound, sandwich fixings per sandwich page table for condiments, 1/4 cup BBQ sauce per person
cheesy potatoes- see recipe at the bottom of the family brunch page in big pots
pasta salad- 6 pounds dry pasta per 100
fruit salad- make fruit trays, prettier, keep better, leftovers can be used better. See fruit tray page
potato salad-make for 100 since you also have pasta salad and cheesy potatoes
chips pretzels- 6 pounds each per 100, about 7 quarts dip or salsa if you want that per 100

water pop beer -see the beverage planning page, you might want to do some lemonade or iced tea in addition to the pop- cheaper.

Thank You !!!