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Fish Taco
I have read much of 5 years of your "cool talk" & no one mentions fish tacos. I am catering a Taco Bar and only beef & chicken are being served. I would like to cook some fish to give my 35 guests another choice. Can you tell me what type of fish to buy and how much. I am also not a good cook unless I am following a recipe, so I need to ask you how I should cut my fish too. Many thanks.
This is a grand tradition here in San Antonio. You use a firm white fish such as cod, basa or pollock, cut in fairly large cubes; tilapia and catfish, not so good.

Some people batter fry the fish. Around here we grill it. You will season, grill, put on a heated corn tortilla; top with a vinaigrette type slaw and chimichurri sauce.

Here is a short video on chimichurri sauce:

And here is a recipe:

I allow 4 ounces per two taco serving. You probably won't have more than 6 try it the first time, except now during Lent more people look for seafood, especially on Fridays.