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amounts for a party of 65 people
I need to know how much to buy of the following items for 65 people for lunch
boneless ham, meatballs, mandarin oranges, celery, carrots, rolls, hash browns for cheesy potatoes and brownies. Also cn you direct me to a place to help me with recipes for the cheesy potatoes for 65 people? thank you for your help
Last things first, use the recipe for cheesy potatoes at the end of the festive family brunch page to guide your amounts on that.

For 65, you use 2/3 the amount for 100.

Allow 4 ounces ready to eat ham per person PLUS 1 pound meatballs per 4-5 people.

Not sure what the mandarin oranges are for, these are usually canned, 1/2 cup per person is the standard serving. Salad veggie tray? See the veggie tray page.