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Tonight: nesco roaster 14 lb chicken
Kathy Bush
Dear Ellen,

question: How to cook this in my large nesco roaster.
I have quadrupled a recipe. 14 lb. of enormous chicken breasts halves have been cut in half (about 28 pieces of chicken) have been sauteed till golden. (Chicken has skin on and has bones, though ribs removed). the quadrupled sauce measures about 16 cups. Also in pan are sauteed onions, celery and green pepper. All are in frig to chill. Original recipe calls for cooking at 350 degrees for 2 hours. How should I cook this in Nesco allowing time for all the chicken and liquid to come to temperature??? Dare I take it out of the frig for a while before putting the pan in the Nesco??? Please help!!! thank you.

Partially cooking chicken is really a no-no. If you are going to eat it, DO NOT leave at room temp. Preheat the roaster 20 minutes, heat the sauce to full simmer in a pot. Take the chicken directly from the fridge, layer into the hot roaster with the hot sauce, cover tightly. Cook same as original recipe.