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Brunch for 200 on a $500 budget
I am planning a wedding reception brunch and believe we may have 200 guests. (This includes our families) I would really like to stick to a budget of $500 if possible.

The wedding is at 10 a.m.

What could we serve and how much of each.

Reginia, sorry, but this is not a big enough budget for a wedding brunch. The usual minmum budget for this, not counting dessert and beverages, is $9-10 per person (catered, it would be around $16-25).

It would take 4 double sided serving lines, about 12 helpers to set up, serve and clean up, and 3-4 cooks.

I would go with something like quiches or an egg casserole, sweet rolls or pastries, potato side dish, fruit trays, juice, coffee. Usually you would have at least one meat (bacon, sausage or ham).

What contributions can you expect in terms of food and volunteer help for this event?

See the festive family brunch for 100 article on this site, then write back.