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Catering for 100-150 people
Jennifer J
I am having an informal reception. The menu will consist of the following:

Meatballs (115 lbs of meatballs)

Vegetable Tray w/ dip

Chicken Salad Sandwiches (10 dozen)

Vegetable Sandwiches (10 dozen)

Tropical Fruit Cocktail (6 pound cans)

Ham and Cheese Rollups

Potato Salad (5 pound containers)

Some of the things that I have I will purchase from Sam's club in bulk that are already precooked. The items like the meatballs, vegetable trays, and sandwiches are being ordered from a restaurant but I wanted to have guidance on the amounts of food that I would need so that I will not buy too much or too little. Thanks for you help.

Too many meatballs for 150 people.

Meatballs (115 lbs of meatballs)- I would do no more than 40.

Vegetable Tray w/ dip- see the veggie tray page. Consider doing 1 of my large relish trays and then veggies and dip for 100.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches (10 dozen)-If whole, too many with also the ham. If pieces OK, probably have some left

Vegetable Sandwiches (10 dozen)-?? Too many, 6 dozen should be plenty

Tropical Fruit Cocktail (6 pound cans)- need 40 pounds total. A fruit slad made with frozen fruits and fresh strawberries and grapes is much tastier.

Ham and Cheese Rollups- same as chicken salad

Potato Salad (5 pound containers)- 50 pounds. If store bought, add 5-8 chopped hard boiled eggs per 5 pounds.

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