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Shrimp rice salad for 650
Hi Ellen
Wer'e are having a fundraiser for breastcancer and having a shrimp salad as a entree,my questions is i have this recipe that uses.
3 Cups cooked rice, 2 cups cooked salad shrimp.1/4cup chopped chives,1cup oil,3tbs of vinegar,2tps dijon mustard,salt and peper.
know how do I multiply these amounts, I just don't want to go cooke too much or too litle.
this recipe serves 6 .
thank you
If this is plated, you use less than self serve.

You will need 20 people just serving.

You will do 100 times the recipe if it is plated.

You can do 90 times the recipe if you will add 20 pounds of slivered celery and maybe some slivered almonds. Experiment. It's good.

About 1/4 cup salt per 100 servings.

Good luck, it's a good cause. Had my mammo last week.