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Suggestions for preparty recipes
I live in Montana. My granddaughter lives in Washington, 650 miles away. She is graduating June 6 with a party for 75-100 planned for June 11. I will be assembling the party food: pulled pork, potatoe salad, some sort of baked beans are foods I could use hints for. Mainly suggestions for preparing a week or two in advance and transporting with food safety the primary goal. There will be other food items, too, but these are not a concern. Help please.
pulled pork, easy to make ahead, freeze in sauce, thaw in fridge, reheat to 180.

potato salad, all recipes can be made 1-2 days ahead and held in fridge. Transport on ice in pre-chilled ice chests.

some sort of baked beans- several bean recipes for 100. heat in roasters.