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queso dip and pesto torta for 150
In an earlier post you suggested having a nibble table set up before the wedding lunch buffet for 150. The menu is picnic themed
salad (I am not sure yet what to put in this)
potato salad
pasta salad
deviled eggs
fruit trays
meat and cheese trays
(Lettuce, tomato, onion tray, condiments)
relish tray
For the nibble tray we are thinking a hot queso dip & tortilla chips, pesto/sundried tomato/cheese torta and baguette slices, a veggie tray, and maybe potato chips with a sour cream/onion dip.
I haven't found a recipie on this site yet for queso dip but I know you mentioned one in a post on this site. I would really like to do the pesto torta because it would be something special. I found a recipie on Epicurious that you build layers in souffle dish lined with plastic wrap. It says it serves 20. I am not sure though how many times to increase this because I don't know how popular this would be. I know people will love the queso dip. This wedding is in May in Washington State.
I woiuld make 6-7 of the pesto torta.

I would make 3 gallons of queso- there are a lot of recipes- start experimenting till you find a favorite- maybe even do salsa and queso-