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Pastry not baked on sides of aluminum pie pans
Hello, I make many meat pies for the elderly. I have recently gone to a small aluminum dish and line the pan with pastry, add filling, and put lid on it. The tops cook wonderfully, but the sides are not even half baked. Am I making too many at once? I use the middle rack. My new pans take up the total of the grill. Normally I bake for 35 minutes at 350. Any help?
You need to preheat the oven thoroughly and leave 1 inch between the pies and between the pies and the oven wall in every direction. I bet you are putting them too close together.
I admit to putting them too close together. I made some English Pork pies yesterday, in the large size muffin pans. The ones with 6 per pan. I had 2 pans on the go, one on the middle rack, and one below it. I switched them around, maybe 4 times over, about an hour, and the result was an improvment, but not perfect. Maybe I should look into a convection oven? The Aluminum foil pan is gone. I have given up on that brain wave.
Yes, convectiojn does bake large amounts better. But also, have you considered pasties?
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