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How much to make?
Linda Caruso
I need to supply baked goods for a fund raiser in April. I would like to have cookies, cake, brownies, cookies, and cobbler.

How much should I make and how do I store them until April?

Use the recipes that can be frozen for the cookies, brownies and cobbler. You don't say how much you need to make. Make the cakes fresh that week, starting with the ones that keep (carrot, coconut, etc) yellow and chocolate day before.
dale morgan
how much hamburger meat do I need to feed 200 people in four and six ounce servings
Hamburger shrinks 1/4 (regular) to 1/10 (ground sirloin. Figure your raw weights from this.
Linda Caruso
I forgot to say that there are about 1000 quests expected. My fundraising table is a "bake sale". I need help in planning and the response before was so very helpful.

Could you please give me more guidance on how many cupcakes?Brownies? Cookies? Cakes?
also, is it ok to freeze these in Thick Freezer bags? Should I wrap them in foil first?

Linda, are you the only person baking and is this the only dessert for 1000 people? I am not at all clear on whether this is a meal and you are the dessert chair, a booth at an event, or what?
Ellen, there will be other vendors with other food. I have the bake sale table. The event will last for 6 hours with other foods,music, etc. So my bake sale table is to raise funds.

I have three helpers. this event is a fundraiser for Focus Driven, an orgaization founded to prevent distracted driving. No cell phones while driving. My close friend lost her 13 yo daughter to distracted driving.

I forgot to ask. What is the best recepie for decorating icing for the cookies that I plan to freeze? Is it ok to decorate, then freeze cookies?
I would not do icing before freezing. I would do lots of bar cookies. See the dessert planning page for help on how much per 100 people.
Ellen, how many cookies do I need for 1000?
How many cupcakes for 1000?
How many brownies?
How many cakes?
Just trying to get an idea as we expect 1000 people to be there and I am being optimistic hoping all will visit my bake sale table.

So could you please estimate how many. Also where could i look to find recepies to make dessert (cookies, brownies, cupcakes) for a crowd? Thank you for all your help.

mixed dessert buffet for 100 people includes 5 ten inch cakes, 5 pounds of small cookies and bars, and a dozen dozen (144) individual pastries (such as cupcakes). You would need only half that many cupcakes.
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