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chicken pot pie in electric roaster
I would like to make a chicken pot pie, in my usual large casserole dish, and cook in the electric roaster on my covered porch, instead of my kitchen oven as it gets the house too hot while the pot pie is cooking. Will the pot pie cook the way it would in a conventional oven for the same length of time? thanks for any help
The heat and time are about the same. The top crust will not brown as well, even though fully cooked. Could be run under the broiler for a moment, or brushed with a bit of soy sauce.
I would like to make a chicken pot pie in an electric roaster to feed about 50 people. What would I use for a crust on top? Do you have recipe for the pot pie its self?
Thank you
Pie crust won't do well, I would use a mashed potato topping or a biscuit topping, the problem is, it won't brown (which is why I would use potatoes).

I use frozen mixed vegetables, real chicken gravy and chicken; 6-7 chickens, simmered, use the broth for the gravy, 1 large bag of veggies per chicken. If you want potatoes, you can use diced frozen along with the other veggies.