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beef stew
We need a receipe for beef stew to serve 300 people. I need some kind of guide lines on amounts. We want to use hamburger and beef cubed.
I would use 90=115 pounds of raw boneless meat and the veggies, etc to go with that; the larger amount if it is self serve/ buffet or mostly men or heavy eaters.

Potatoes 40-50 pounds
carrots 30 pounds
celery 14 pounds
onions 10 pounds
tomatoes 9-10 quarts

stock 6-7 gallons

thyme bay leaf, garlic to tastesalt pepper

About 3 quarts of flour

Can you recommend a good beef stew recipe? I am feeding a church crowd of about 100 people and looking for ideas. Thanks.

P.S. Great website! Thank you!

My favorite beef stews are the Greek "stifados" with recipes in the recipe box section of the site. They are a little out of the ordinary.

If you want a standard beef stew, the main things when making a large quantity are to brown the meat well and use a really good beef stock or onion stock instead of water as the liquid; some red wine doesn't hurt either, if it is within the acceptable range for your group. Beyond that, the recipe above isn't bad; I would add paprika and Italian seasoning to the flour I used to coat the meat before browning.

Of course, you would use 1/3, since those amounts are for 300...
By the way, stews can be cooked in pans in the oven; 2 hours, tightly covered in a 375 degree oven. Sometimes more convenient, no scorching and no stirring. Check about 1/2 hour before done, if too juicy, take the cover off