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Iím concerned with the proper quantities for 200 for a 3pm reception. I have pasta salad, chips & spinach dip, bacon wrapped smokies, fruit salad, cheese tray & crackers, veggie tray, finger sandwich tray, pinwheels & possibly deviled eggs on the menu. My question is this, do I make enough of each selection to serve 200, only make 1/9 of each (for ex. Cheese tray for 23 people) or just reduce each selection by 1/9, (ex. Reduce cheese tray to serve 175 people)? Iím also wondering if the drink choices are punch, tea & water, how much of each will I need? Iím really confused as to how much of each item I will need. I donít want an over abundance of food or worse, too little. Thanks for all your help!
I don't know where your 1/9 came from?

For a mid afternoon reception, you need about 1/10 less than the amounts I list. You need cheese (and all the things everyone will eat) for 200. Where several are similar, different sandwiches, for example, you need enough for everyone.

The drinks could be able to be guided by the beverage planning page.

Iam doing a graduation party for about 100.Iam having mac and potatoe salad,baked beans meatballs, bbqham sandwiches meat and cheese tray .How much of each do i need
Sharon, all these foods are listed in the tables and guides. Please make an estimate and post it so I can help you with it, and tell me how long the party is, whether it is over a mealtime, and what you are doing about beverages and desserts. Also whether the meatballs are an appetizer or an entree.
Hi Ellen - I was very happy to find your site & am wondering if you can help me with my specific needs. I need to make 1000 chicken wraps as well as macaroni salad & watermelon salad for 1000 runners for a fundraiser run. Can you give me an idea as to how much I would need for the ingredients - and if you have a recipe for the watermelon salad? Thanks so much!
You want 3 ounces of ready to eat chicken per person (1 large flour tortilla), 1 ounce some kind of veggie such as grilled peppers, tomatoes, etc, 1 scant tablespoon salsa, chipotle mayo or guacamole per wrap. 1/2 pound whole watermelon and a half lime per person- maybe a dab of fresh mint- great choice replenishes potassium as well as fluids.
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