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baked ziti in a roaster
Hi Ellen,

Is it possible to bake a ziti casserole directly in an 18 quart roaster?

Yes. There are some tricks to it.

Works best if the mac is no more that 4 inches thick.

Works best if the casserole is just assembled (still warm) when it goes in to heat.

If still warm, use standard oven heat.

If it is refrigerated, reheat at 300 and allow plenty of extra time.

Preheat the roaster at least 20 minutes before putting the cook well in.

The roaster cooks moist and the top will not dry You may want to put hot toasted buttered crumbs on it, the last 10 minutes.

Get to 165 temp in the middle. Put a couple of layers of clean cotton dish towel on top (to catch condensation), turn down to 180 to hold for serving.

Thanks, Ellen for the info., but I didn't explain my question well. I want to bake a ziti casserole using only a roaster (as opposed to an oven) so that I can make, bake, and serve directly from the roaster without using my oven. Is it possible to use the roaster like an oven with this recipe?
Yes, I understood the question. The cookwell is the roaster pan itself (the one that lifts out). It will hold 4-5 times the amount for 1 9x13 pan. Heavily grease or pam it and sprinkle on a coating of grated Parmesan cheese to make iit easier to clean, put in the casserole, and follow the directions above.
O.K. It was me that didn't understand your answer, but I've got it now! My plan is to cook the pasta, meat and sauce seperately and then assemble the casserole in the roaster and leave it on 180 until it is served. It may sit in the roaster for about 3 hours before being served, but I'll keep my eye on it and hopefully, it will turn out fine. Thanks, again, for your advice and sorry for the confusion.
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