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Serving Dishes?
I am wanting to do a baked potato bar for 100 to 300 people and wanted to have regular simple toppings but also wanted to have some meat toppings to make the potatoes more filling.Some of my ideas are to have turkey and gravy, beef stew, taco, and chili to top the potatoes. I have a good idea of the quantity of food but not sure for storing and serving. how many chafing dishes and whatnot would I need to serve a crowd of 100 or a crowd of 300.
If this is a meal, where folks will be eating around the same time, you need one serving line for each 50. Each serving line will have 1 chafer for each hot topping (crock pot if informal), one large one for potatoes (electric roaster in informal)and separate dishes for each of the toppings. Amounts per 100 are on the taco/potato bar page.