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Each food tray for total # or reduced?
Hi Ellen,

I’m planning a 3pm wedding reception for about 200 people with a finger food menu. The menu so far is: Italian pasta salad, fruit salad, bacon wrapped smokies, hot spinach dip and chips, cheese and cracker tray, veggie tray, finger sandwich tray, muffaletta pinwheels, and deviled eggs. My question is this—the veggie, cheese & sandwich platters will feed 20-25 people each. Do I plan on having enough of each tray to feed 200 people, or can that number be reduced since there are other items on the menu? Thanks for your help!

For a 3 pm reception, you need less food than for a meal time This is what I would do for 200 people:

Italian pasta salad, 2-3 gallons
fruit salad, reception level, see fruit tray page. But consider fruit trays instead; can be made ahead, prettier, less trouble to eat and leftovers are more useful.
bacon wrapped smokies, 2 ounces per person
hot spinach dip and chips, 1/4 to 1/3 cup per person, 6-8 pounds chips per 100
cheese and cracker tray, 2 ounces per person plus 6 pounds crackers per 100
veggie tray, no change, see veggie tray page
finger sandwich tray, equivalent of 1 sandwich per person-3-4 pieces. See the afternoon tea article for discussions about amounts and fillings
muffaletta pinwheels, 1-2 per person, depends on size
deviled eggs, 5 dozen whole eggs per 100