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chicken/turkey and noodles
Hi Ellen,

I have been asked to make chicken/turkey and noodles for a group of about 50.

Evidentally it's a local phenomenon. They put chicken/turkey noodles over mashed potatoes around here. I am guessing it's a eastern european dish. Can you tell I'm from California not Nebraksa. :)

I understand that thick homemade noodles are involved. I can do that.

I assume that there is a rich broth to be made. I can do that.

My questions are:
Is this like a chicken noodle soup with a light broth or is it more like noodles and gravy?

When I make hearty soups I always include vegetables like celery, carrots, onions, peas and mushrooms. Should I include all of the above.

What about herbs? I like thyme and parsley sprinkled on my soup.

Do I serve this with mashed potatoes on the side family style or do I put a scoop into each bowl and cover with chicken and noodles?

Please inform

Usually, the potatoes go under the turkey and noodles.
Suggest you find out who did it last year and invite them to lunch to discuss recipe details. Very good move politically. I bet it is yes to carrots onions and possibly peas and celery, probably not mushrooms. Yes parsley and only invisible thyme.
Remember that flavors can be infused in the broth and the chunks strained out. Invisible flavors.

The homemade noodles thicken the soup to a cream of something level, and you need plenty of chicken and broth.

These off site blogs might help:

Unfortunately the person responsible for making the noodles has passed away. I will wing it and let you know. THX
The links have noodle help, also.
I am figuring 24 qts stock, 16 lbs cooked chicken, carrots and celery as needed to give color and flavor. 12-14 lbs homemade dry noodles. Couple of bunches Italian parsley for freshness. What do you think?
Each pound of fresh noodles makes 5 cups cooked. I would probably do 10, since there are potatoes also.

Chicken is plenty.
If you cook the noodles in the stock, a very good way to thicken the stock and flavor the noodles, much will be absorbed, so that is fine.
The rest looks OK to me- have fun and send a report!

By the way, you are right, this is a traditional German way of serving this dish.

Schinken noodles


It is basically chicken and noodle-style dumplings.

Thanks for the recipe address. I do plan on cooking the noodles in the broth.

I have heard several opinions about using the chicken meat that has been cooked so long in the broth. They say (and I agree) that chicken meat cooked so long really looses its flavor, becomes stringy and mushy. I usually use backs, giblets, wings, legs and thighs when I make broth. I then roast the bone in chicken breasts and cut up the meat to use in the soup. What is your opinion?

I do use the backs etc. for the broth, but I steam/simmer the breasts in that stock rather than roasting them.
I forgot to mention that I also brown the bones before making the broth. The chicken breasts are cooked at that time. I do remove the meat and add the breast bones to the broth. It's just my preference to have a darker broth.
Just wanted to let you know that everything turned out great. I did have noodles left over, but that's because they ate 40 lbs of potatoes!
Thanks for the feedback- that IS a lot of potatoes!
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