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Brisket and Slaw
I will be doing a luncheon for 4oo adult males. I will be serving bbq brisket sandwiches, coleslaw and chips. I see that 1 gal per 10 people covers the slaw but is 4oz of cooked brisket per person enough for a good sized sandwich for adult males. How many bbq sauce and chips would I need?
I do NOT use 1 gallon per 10 people per slaw, I suggest at most 4 gallons per 100.

Brisket is a very fatty meat and shrinks a lot when cooked, I allow 2 pounds raw, well trimmed for 5 people. About 10% more if it is self serve.

1/4 cup BBQ sauce per person in the meat, plus 1 1/2 to 2 gallons per 100 on the tables.

Chips, minimum is 6 1/2 pound potato or 8 pounds corn per 100. 8 or 9-10 if self serve.