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30th birthday party 60ppl
Hi I am planning a 30th birthday party in a few weeks and we are doing all the food on our own. The party is at 6:30pm and we were thinking of serving: Cesar salad, meatballs, hot roast beef, ham, baked ziti, macaroni salad, and roasted potatoes. Is this too much...not enough???? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Roughly 60 adults
Hi, Tina,
For only 60 people, too many meats, and an unbalanced set of side dishes.

Caesar salad, OK

meatballs, hot roast beef, ham, the meatballs will get treated as an appetizer- 1 pound per 5 people. You need 5 ounces ready to eat beef (see the beef roasting article for yields on various roasts) and 3 ounces ready to eat ham per person to come out right, if this is buffet service

baked ziti, macaroni salad, and roasted potatoes; don't serve mac salad with the ziti. Have a vegetable dish instead, at least a squash or green bean casserole.

For 60 people, I would do 4 pounds dry pasta and 15-18 pounds of potatoes