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Baked Beans for 200
I have the task of making bake beans for 200. How much do I make will a roaster full be enough. This is the only side being made. I was thinking of doing green beans for them as well so others would have a choice how much if I do both.
There are several recipes for beans for 100 on this site. It takes 2 roasters to make enough for 100, because you can actually only put 12-14 quarts in one roaster- otherwise the edges burn before the beans are done.

Green beans, 22 pounds per 100.

If you make ahead and reheat in roasters, preheat the roasters to 325 and allow 3 hours, turning down to 180 after they reach 165 in the middle of the pan.

I would do 16-18 pounds dry if I also made green beans, about 20-24 if it is really the only side dish, no potao salad, chips, etc.