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rice in a roaster
We are wanting to make rice for a group of about 50 people and we need to transport it about 15 miles from where we make it to where the meal will be served.
How would you cook it in the roaster?
How do we use the roaster liners without them sticking to the pan?
There are two kinds of roaster bags, the ones that go around an item and don't touch the sides of the roaster and the ones that fit in and line the roaster and do touch the sides, which are stronger and more heat resistant.

However, I don't use them for this.

I bring the water to a boil in the cooking pan of the roaster, stir the rice and seasonings in, cover and turn to 325. When done, I turn to 180 to keep warm. See the baked rice pilaf recipe for discussion of timing and heats.

A very large cardboard box or non-meltable laundry basket is a good way to transport the hot rice in the roaster.