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2:00 wedding
My daughter is getting married November 27 and i am planning her reception for approx 150 people. I am cooking spaghetti and using store bought sauce and cooking ground beef on the side for those who want meet. We are also cooking chicken tenders. Having a fruit tray, veggie tray, chips and dip, tea, water and punch. How much of each would i need for 150 people. Thanks.
Donna, this is a DIY site, which means you use the tables, post your estimate and then I will check it for you.

A 2 pm wedding means people will not be too hungry, you can use the tables without adding any fudge factor.

I would plan 2 1/2 times the amounts for the spaghetti dinner for 50-60 at the bottom of the spaghetti page; 1 pound raw tenders for each 4 people; all the other items are on the plan for 100 page, fruit tray page, the veggie tray page and the beverage planning page.

If you want to post an estimate, I will check it for you.