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Buffet for Honor Our Heroes for approx 350 people
Carol R
Menu Brisket Fried chicken tenderloins,
(fresh chicken we bread and fry ourselves)
Dirty Rice (cajun with hamburger and sausage
onion,peppers mixed with rice)
green beans, and corncasserole. homemade rolls
and deserts prepared by the women in church. I have read your website and know how much but Im still confused over amounts of each Please HELP
carol R
My Menu
Brisket 100 lbs
fried chicken tenderloin 120 lbs
rice dressing 7 lg pans (warmer size)
corn casserole 7 pans
greenbeans 5 pans
potato Salad (not sure)
rolls 2 each please help IM not sure if too much or not enough I rather have too much than not enough thanks Its in 3 days
Hi, Carol,
This sounds like a family get together, mixed crowd. Still, to me the amounts look light. If it is all soldiers, you will need to increase the numbers I suggest below by another 10%.

I am not sure how big your full pans are, so I am going to give you weights or measures You can figure the size of your pan by filling with water and measuring the water.

Brisket 100 lbs
fried chicken tenderloin 120 lbs
If these are raw weights, you have enough chicken, but I would plan 170 pounds raw brisket, it shrinks a lot and people really like brisket.

rice dressing 7 lg pans (warmer size)
I start with about 8 pounds dry rice per 100
corn casserole 7 pans
You need about 11 gallons
green beans 5 pans
You need about 11 gallons
potato Salad (not sure)
You need about 4 1/2 gallons (35 pounds raw potatoes to start) for each 100 people.
rolls 2 each yes
Butter for rolls about 10 pounds

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