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cleaning ceramic stovetops
Marilyn Inzerillo
In a post 7/4/06 you advise reading the "long thread on cleaning ceramic stovetops" but i cannot find that thread tho' i've search the long list of threads and opened every one on ceramic stovetops. It must come before 7/4/06. Is there a way to find out the exact date of this cleaning thread? Thank you!
Hi Marilyn the cleaning discussions have actually showed up on almost all the ceramic cook top threads.

The one you might be looking for is "Cleaning Creamic Cooktop" here:

you can find more by going to google advanced search, put "ceramic cook top" in the second slot and "clean" and "cleaning" in the third line, then " in tye domain or site box at the bottom. There are 6 other places to find more information on my site.