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Wedding Reception for 200
Hi Ellen,

I'm getting married on September 18th and we will be having our reception from 7-8:30PM. I would like to do a sandwich buffet. We are expecting a maximum of 200 guests, with only a few children. We will be serving a chocolate fountain with several fruits and goodies. We will have water and lemonade or punch to drink and possibly sparking cider, and of course wedding cake. I was hoping you could take a look at my buffet plans and tell me what you think. Thanks!!

For Sandwiches..
20 dozen Mini Croissants
11 lbs deli sliced Black Forrest Ham
11 lbs deli sliced Smoked Turkey
11 lbs deli sliced Roast Beef
64 slices Swiss (individual Kraft slices)
60 slices Colby Jack (2- 2lb bricks I will slice myself)
60 slices Medium Cheddar (2- 2lb bricks I will slice myself)
72 slices Provolone (individual Kraft slices)
5 quarts Miracle Whip (Would you do mayo instead, or a combination of both?)
2 quarts Yellow Mustard
2 quarts Spicy Mustard
2 quarts Honey Mustard (or brown mustard if honey is too hard to find)

For Veggie Trays..
10- 1 lb bags Baby Carrots
9- 16 oz cans Black Olives
13 Cucumbers 1/4" slices
5 lbs Celery 1/2" sticks
3- 36 oz cartons Grape Tomatoes
8 lbs Cauliflower
3- 2 lb bags Broccoli Florrets
5 quarts Dip (either 1 flavor, or split into 2 flavors)

For Sides..
4 gallons Pasta Salad
4 gallons Krab Salad

Hi, Desiree,

The inconvenient thing for you , in terms of the food planning, is that with a 6PM wedding, most people will not eat before coming so even though you plan an informal menu, it has to be enough food for it to be dinner. Thus, your menu, while good choices, is light.
For example, you need 50 pounds of meat, 4 ounces of meat plus 2 ounces of cheese per person at a minimum, I would double the roast beef and do 1 1/2 times the amount of each of the other meats, then do at least 22-25 pounds of cheese.

You need to use the condiment table on the sandwich page to do the condiments for the sandwiches. Veggie tray is OK, you need to check the dip- see the veggie tray page.

I would definitely add fruit trays, pretty, popular and can be done ahead. Or at least make sure that you have plenty of fruits with the chocolate fountain- and do read my article on them, please, for safety's sake.

The 4 gallons krab slad is OK, people will use it as a sandwich filling, but you need at least 6 gallons of potato salad per 100= 12 gallons, to give a small 1/2 cup serving per person. I would add a pasta salad of some kind, at least 6-8 pounds dry pasta, or chips with salsa and nacho cheese.

Hope this helps.

MORE CROISSANTS! Allow 2 per person, or add 12-14 pounds assorted sandwich breads.