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beef and beer fundraiser for 200 people
Raw beef 90lbs, club rolls 300, potato salad 80lbs(mixed), mac salad 301bs, cole slaw 30lbs. 300 slices american cheese, 300 slices provolone cheese. How much horseradish? Does this sound about right? Also, there will be beer and soda can you help me with that? how do I figure the gallons of pot/mac/cole and figure it in pounds?
You are cutting it a little close on the beef, it will only be about 75 pounds once cooked. Enough but no leftovers, if you serve- need more if self serve. The potato salad is fine- it is about 8 pounds per gallon. I allow more slaw and mac salad- 2 1/2 to 3 gallons per 100, which is 25 pounds minimum per 100. Horse radish, 1 ounce per person. Other sandwich condiments, see the sandwich page for the table.

See the beverage planning page for the drinks. You need bread of rolls, about 12 pounds per 100.