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planning a Rotary fund raiser bbq ribs, coleslaw,
I would like advise on cooking for 700 for our fund raiser. The menu will be spare ribs, coleslaw and baked beans. Is there a book published for event planners this size?

Thank you for your help,Pat

At 700 you are way out of the range of amateur cooking, and I do have a page or two about it, but it requires skill, experience, and LOTS of facilities and people; for example, you are talking about buying, transporting, and safely cooking and serving over half a ton of food. about food safety, which everyone involved should read, and I suggest the article on self catering your wedding dinner to help you with organizing.

You may also need a single event license or permit from your local health department.

There are also some articles on this site

I would also suggest you add potato or pasta salad, as with just the beans and slaw you would have to allow 1 pound raw ribs per person; about 3/4 if you add bread and a starchy salad.