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Safe, Non-toxic Cookware (for Glass Top Stove)
I've read a lot about different types of cookware for glass/ceramic stovetops on this site (thank you), but can't find much focusing on the safety aspects of cookware that won't leach harmful substances. Toxins from non-stick surfaces are well documented, so for me, that's out. I don't want stainless steel either as I've been reading lately that it may not be as safe as once thought. Ellen, can you or anyone else recommend cookware that'll be OK on a glass/ceramic stove that won't leach chemicals into the food? I'm wondering if porcelain enamel is the best choice? I was going to buy the Rachel Ray set, but apparently it's not made for a glass top. Le Creuset is an option, but very expensive and heavy (I have joint disease in my wrists). Other choices, anyone? Thank you!
There are porcelain enamels that are good and much lighter. Many readers like Tivoli.
Stainless steel becomes an issue only if it is overheated or scoured for burned on food Since you should not use over medium high on the sensors on these tops, you might consider it.
Tivoli sounds difficult to find. It's sold out online and is hit and miss at TJ Maxx. 1) Any other brands that are comparable in price and quality? 2) Would you recommend the Rachel Ray set if one is very careful not to burn or overcook foods in it? 3) Ever heard of Provence by Magefesa? Thank you!
Has anyone tried Dr. Mercola's cookware? Does it hold up to use? It's supposed to be lightweight.
As to the stainless, consider a factory outlet for Pevere ware The others, maybe our readers have suggestion.
Mercola does not have a particularly good rep...
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