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bbq boneless pork loin
are you sure that 1 lb raw boneless pork loin will only yield 9 oz of cooked product? If 500 people each have 1 4.5 oz sandwhich and 1/2 the people ate 2, how much raw product do i need to buy ? 275 lbs !
If you cook carefully, you might get 10-11 ounces. 1 pound raw, once cooked, shredded and sauced, makes 4 regular size or 3 generous sandwiches. So yes, you are in the 200+ pound range for your menu.
bbq pig
I am cooking a bbq pig for a wedding with 140 people. how big of a pig do i need
Whole roast pig as the only meat? You need 1 and 1/2 pounds per person. I suggest more than 1 pig, or one small with shoulders for the balance, and also that you remember you need an entree choice for the non-pork/ non-meat eaters.