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Cake & Punch Reception
We're planning a cake and punch reception following a religious ceremony on our anniversary this year, and needed some advice:

Rather than serving one large cake, we are picking up several different "standard sized" cakes from a phenomenal local bakery. However we have only one cake plate and doubt we'll need more than one in the future. We are also the only people we know that own a cake plate/stand. Can you suggest any alternatives? Slices of cake will be served with scoops of ice cream (pre-scooped, placed in cupcake liners and frozen hard so there's no scooping at the reception) and whipped cream.

We are using a large apothecary jar for champagne punch and probably canning jars for cups, however we're interested in alternatives to punch (hot tea and hot coffee) for those that want it. Maybe assorted bottled sodas? If we serve soda, should we provide glasses? I assume people will want to make floats.

Lastly, as I understand it, you actually serve more than cake and punch at a cake and punch reception. Would you happen to know what would be a good accompaniment? I was thinking nuts and those delicious mints you make with cream cheese, and possibly also kettlecorn since there's someone local that makes some terrific kettlecorn.

I hope that I've covered the basics with this. In case you're wondering about the "service" side, a few of our dear friends (with giant corsages) will be serving the cake with everything already pre-portioned to cut down on work, and pouring the punch. Everything else I thought would be self serve with paper cones provided for the nuts, mints, and potential popcorn.

This is a small reception, less than fifty people or I'll be stunned.

Thank you so much for your time!!

Cake & Punch Reception
Hi, Sophie,
Congratulations, it sounds like a nice party. Cake plates and stands can be rented, but if you have time, they can also be found at thrift and second hand shops at reasonable cost, and sometimes even on EBay.
Nuts, usually 6 pounds per 100
Mints ditto
M&Ms or kisses would be an excellent 3rd choice Did you know you can special order M&M's in custom color mixes?
Kettlecorn is a great idea. Your local maker might be willing to make little popcorn balls. Some makers use clear syrups or white sugar and can color to match the table scheme.
Skip the sodas, use the guideline for dinner coffee for amounts for that (1/2 the amount for 100) and if you expect kids, have a ginger ale punch as a champagne alternative. Floats can be messy...
Cake & Punch Reception
Thanks, Ellen!

It occurs to me, on reflection, that we might skip the alcohol entirely with kids, numerous guests that don't drink, and a long drive that night. In that case, would I do a toast with something like sparkling cranberry juice (just found out Knudsen makes this when I was looking for autumn-y punch recipes) and then a separate punch or just punch?

Cake & Punch Reception
You might want to look at the punch thread and the many links on that thread. You could still use the beverage measure on the beverage page to figure amounts for the toast and punch.
There are truly delicious and exotic sparkling juices and nectars available now, lingonberry, lychee, guava. Have fun looking and tasting.
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