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How much food I need. What can I par-cook ahead?
I've done weddings before but not this large. The menu is extenstive. 4 main dishes, 4 sides, 5 appies., salad, veggie tray, fruit tray. 175 head count. Help!
Pam, not nearly enough information. First off, this is a DIY site primarily for family and volunteer cooks, and I ask that they use the various tables to make a first estimate, post it, and let me review it. I recommend pros/ paid folks go to or

If you are not licensed, be aware that you may be legally liable for any illness or injury to staff or guests and can be sued. Get event insurance.

If you are a family/volunteer cook, you need to know that an event this size requires about 3-4 people in the kitchen and 12 servers to set up, serve and clean up the event.

Needed: Time of day of the wedding and reception. Stoves, ovens available in the venue. Plated or Buffet. Budget. Beverages, especially alcohol. Any fixed menu. For example, if some of the entrees are casseroles, it is different than if all 4 are meats.