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50th anniversary for 150-200 people
Having 50th wedding anniversary party for parents.
Need help with amounts for menu for 150-200 people.
Fried chicken
Cheesy potatoes
taco roll-ups
fruit salad
Really not sure on how many hams to buy and how to make the potatoes for that many people.
Any good suggestions on anything to add to this menu would also be appreciated thanks,
Also i didn't mention we don't have a oven to keep things warm at the church we are having the party. Any suggestions on how to prepare all the friend chicken, ham and cheesy potatoes for 150 people.
Hi, Kirstin,
150-200 is too big a range, so I will try to give you per person and you will multiply for the expected guests.

Fried chicken- purchase ready-made from the best place in town, 1 piece per person. Use roasted or baked if you are having to do it yourself.
Ham-1 pound boneless ready to eat for each 5 people- buy ready to eat, preferably sliced such as spiral-sliced. Reheat per the reheat instructions for turkey at the top of the big pots page.
Cheesy potatoes- 20 pounds shredded per 100 plus fixings
taco roll-ups- 3 bites per person
fruit salad- see the fruit tray page. Fruit trays are prettier, much less work, can be assembles ahead except for the berries, and the leftovers are far more useful.
The fruit tray page will give you amounts of fruit for many options and fruits. Remember that some must be dipped in fruit-fresh or Orange juice to prevent browning.
bars- one each of small bars (2-3 bites) in each flavor per person, up to 4 bars
cake- see the dessert bar page for discussion of cake sizes and servings