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party for 50
i have planning a party for my parents for about 50 people. i have went thru all the plan for 100, ect.. i just can not seem what to do. i am having ham/turkey on rolls, veggie and fruit trays, pastas taco salad. i am trying to plan this right and not get to much food put i do not want to run out. can i get a little help to figure this out? thanks

Do two of the fruit tray for 25. Do 1 of the relish tray for 60, or a veggie tray with about 7 pounds ready to eat veggies and a quart of dip.

Pasta, start with about 4 pounds dry.

Taco salad, see the walking taco salad recipe for 25-30, make 1.

10 pounds each deli sliced ham and turkey, two smaller or 1 1/2 larger rolls per person. Add sliced cheeses, about 7 pounds. Sandwich condiments/"fixings", 1/2 the amount for 100 on the sandwich page. Have a good party.