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Dad's 70th
I am having a 70th b-day (surprise) party for my Dad. He has 2 kids, and 2 step-kids (wife passed away a year ago). Some how I seem to be the ONLY one that can "be there" or help put this my budget is limited. I am thinking every person likes BBQ hamburgers, salad, chips but I definately need to add some Veggie Trays and Fruit/Cheese trays for snacks (especially since they like beer/wine....)

Any suggestions on making this successful for my Dad, having enough food and on a limited budget? Thank you ANYONE that posts suggestions....Appreciate them all!

Tracy, you don't say how many guests, but the taco bar with rice and beans is less expensive than the grilled hamburger meal, and everybody likes taco, too. Is that a Possibility for you? Then you don't need veggie trays, you can use the fruit tray page for the fruit (everybody likes watermelon and it is a great buy this time of year).
Instead of cheese trays, you could do nachos with the corn chips and canned sauce, jalapenos, and people could add toppings from the taco bar.
You could do a fiesta theme and have a pinata...