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Double check my amounts please and thanks!
65 people. Menu - roast beef, chicken with grilled pineapple/papaya salsa, salmon filet with sundried tomato topping. Green salad, caesar salad, roma tomato and pepper salad. Mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, steamed veggies.

I'm fine with my protein amounts but it's the salads and others that I'm confused with. Here's what I think is okay, please review.

25 lbs potatoes
3 lbs raw rice
Green Salad-6 heads romaine, 2 boxes Mixed Spring Greens from Costco

Caesar Salad - 12 heads

Tomato/Pepper Salad - 35 Tomatoes, 8 Peppers

Steamed Veggies: 2 large heads Cauliflower, 2 dozen carrots, 3 lbs. asparagus, 6 zuchinni.

Thanks for your help Ellen.

I forgot to include my email address in my request and have added it now. Thank you
Hi, Baba,
This looks pretty good. I might not use romaine for the green salad if the second one is Caesar, might do all spring greens. For the steamed veggies, you need to end up with about 15 pounds. And you may have some potatoes left, depends on the crowd. But overall, very close.