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Canning tomatoes
I am going to can tomatoes this year. I have a couple of questions. I can use a canner on my cooktop as long as it has a flap bottom. Of course I bought a canner that doesn't so I am going to take it back. I do have a stockpot. The canner I am returning holds 7 qt jars. The stockpot I have holds probably 5. My questions is: the recipe I have for canning tomatoes says to immediately put the tomato juice in the jars and process. But then says not to alter the recipe. Do I alter it to make enough for 5 then repeat the process after each 5 is finished? Do I just make as much as the recipe says then put it in the jars then wait until the pot is ready to fill again? It looks like the processing time is over 30 minutes for tomato juice. I see some people buy a burner but I've also seen some people have problems with them. They don't look too cheap. I would have to order one online since I can't find one at the stores here that are over 1000 watts. I don't want to spend alot of money to do my canning. Any suggestions would help. I have a side burner on my propane grill but I've never used it so I don't even know if it works or how big it is.
Hi, Debbie, it sounds like you have a ceramic top, but I don't see that in your note. Some are safe to can, some don't. If yours does, and the juice is simmering before you put it in jars, just leave the rest simmering.
Yes, I have a ceramic top but the instructions said I had to use a flat cooker. Mine only holds 5 qts at a time. So if I make up the juice I can just leave it simmering until the first 5 qts are processed then fill 5 more to process and so on and so on?
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