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how much should i char
I am starting my business and today I approached a well know grocery the head of the bakery ask me to give the specific's.

Meaning what will I price my items my small pies for sale.

I just can't seem to know how to go about charging.

I did check out the slices of pies that they already sell.

I've tasted the other pastries and I don't taste the flavor of butter.

Butter is the very first thing you'd notice in my baked goods and butter is very expensive.

Can you give me some pointer's I'm new at this.


First a caution; in most states it is illegal to make stuff in your home and sell it. You have to be in a licensed and inspected kitchen. Many churches have one and will rent it for weekday use. You also need liability insurance; if someone claims to get sick from your product, they can sue you, and you could lose your house.

The usual range for pricing is 3 to 4 times the actual cost of the ingredients. Please visit the pros at