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Luncheon for 200 people - mixed crowd male/female
Arlene L
I need to prepare a menu for 200 people (mostly adults, mostly women)

I was thinking Chicken(Grilled/Baked) and Roast Pork - so there is a choice.

Macaroni & Cheese??

Mixed Vegetables - Broccoli, Carrots,& Cauliflower

Tossed Salad

Fruit Trays as desert - watermelon, cantelope, grapes, strawberries

Sweet Tea & Lemonade to drink

If there are any vegetarians present(no clue??) do you think they will be content?

****Will consider Garlic Green Beens as well****

Chicken and roast pork are a lot the same What about chicken and salmon or tilapia? chicken and ham? You nhe second entree for each person.eed 5 ounces ready to eat of chicken plus 3 ounces ready to eat of t

The mac and cheese is a perfectly acceptable vegetarian entree.

I would add cookies to the fruit- 3 smaller or 2 larger per person.