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graduation party
hello ... i love this site!
i'm having a graduation party with anywhere from 50 to 75 teens .... there are a few vegetarians so i'll include at least one pasta ... here's my plan so far
to avoid cheese turning in a baked pasta dish, i thought i'd serve farfalle with pesto and another platter of farfalle with fresh chopped tomatio, garlic and basil ...
i plan to grill sausage ahead of time and also offer sausage and peppers along with club rolls ...
for sides i thought of platters of grilled veggies and fresh summer fruits
i could use your advice regarding amounts
thanks so much :)
Can't do quantities on that wide a number spread. Get 1/3 pound sausage per person; 1 pound dry pasta for each 8; veggies and fruit amounts, see the fruit tray page and the veggie tray page.