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graduation party for 130 people
I am having a graduation party for 130 people. Can anyone tell me if I have purchased enough food. I do not want to run out.

Main dishes:
stuffed cabbage 130
mostaccioli 5lbs dry noodles, 4 #10 cans sauce
sliced beef in au juice 65lbs of raw meat 200oz. au juice

other dishes:
5lbs potato flakes, 150oz. gravy
3 #10 cans green beans
6lbs maccoroni noodles for tuna noodle salad
6lbs of noodles for spagetti salad
150 rolls, 200 butter packs

I am thinking of making one more cold salad like cole slaw and also having bread to make beef sanwhiches

Pretty good plan. You need 5-6 cans of green beans for this many people. If you add sandwich rolls or bread, see the sandwich page for condiments. The cole slaw is an excellent addition.