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Two meats for party of much of each?
L Bitto
I am hosting a graduation party for about 100 people and wondering if I ordered enough food. Some people will arrive later and may not eat a full meal.
I ordered pulled pork - 10 lbs;2 full size chafing dishes. The caterer says it will make approx. 60 sandwiches, but they go heavy on the meat, and we will probably get closer to 80. also having 40 pieces of boneless grilled chicken. Assume most people will eat one or the other, and some will not eat at all.

Sides include potato salad for 60, coleslaw for 30 (thinking people take one or the other and not usually both) and baked beans for 40.

The caterer seemed to think this was enough, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

L Bitto
Sorry - saw the posting about graduation parties after I did this! I have some additional info and corrections:

The pulled pork is 20 lbs (not 10 as I said above)

Also will be serving veggie and relish trays, chips, and probably fresh watermelon.

Dessert will be a half sheet cake, and 40 cupcakes.

My son also asked for macaroni & cheese, which the caterer doesn't do, but I might do that myself.

The mac and cheese is easy, go for it; it will cut down on the meat eaten. 8-10 pounds dry pasta.
You will run out of cupcakes- people like them.