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Finger Food Wedding Reception
Hi! I am planning a wedding reception and have no idea where to start on the quantities for the food.
we are having
Veggies- broccoli, grape tomatoes, celery, baby carrots and dip
Fruit tray- pineapple, grapes, watermelon ( open to some ideas)
Cheese and Crackers
Pasta Salad
Tuna and Egg Salad Sandwiches

Could you point me to which page on ur site would help me figure this out or list out how much of what we should plan to have.
Thanks so much!

This is a very light menu unless this is a mid afternoon wedding. I also suggest that you not try to pre-make the sandwiches, do a sandwich bar, see the discussion on the tea party pages.

You need the veggie tray page, the fruit tray page, the sandwich event and tea party pages. Also suggest that you look at the dessert bar page and consider adding a dessert bar if you stick with this light menu.