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HELP! Burnt my wife"s copper tea kettle
dead man
HELP! I was trying to boil water for noodles on my electric stove and I turned on the wrong burner. When I returned to check on my water my wife’s antique copper tea kettle was almost glowing white hot. Now that it has cooled, it is a light black color with a LITTLE bit of copper showing through. My wife said she will refrain from killing me if I can make it look normal again. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help.
HELP! Burnt my wife"s copper tea kettle
You,re in trouble. Go to a metal working shop, where they do rebrassing, polishing , etc, and let them work on it; there is no home remedy.
HELP! Burnt my wife"s copper tea kettle
the rebrasing is the best, but you can try this as well..cut a lemon in half,pour salt onto the lemon and rub gently onto the it will not harm it...the acid cuts the tint and the salt helps it do that...