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grad party for 120
Hi ellen.....hoping you could tweek my menu!
Grad. party, Sat. from 2-6.....120 people.
~Sloppy Joes---thinking about 20-24 lb of beef
Buns---12 doz (144 buns)
~Baked Beans---5-6 gal.
~Potato Salad---5 gal. (will buy)
~Pasta Salad---8 lbs. dry pasta
~Vegetable Tray---
6 cups dip
3 lb. califlower
6 peppers
3 qts. cherry tomatoes
3 lbs baby carrots
4 cucumbers or zucchini (nec?)
2 lb broccoli
~Fruit Tray---
4 cantelope
2 Honey dew
3 lbs grapes
2 pineapple
4-6 lbs strawberries
**would I need say, a watermelon, perhaps served separately?

Would appreciate any tips to make this go as smooth as possible.......THANKS!!!

Since it is midafternoon, you are probably OK on the meat, but you might consider making and freezing another 5 pounds, just in case.

I would probably double the veggies, dip, and fruits, or at least definitely add the watermelon.

You will only need about 4 gallons of beans.

Have a good time and congratulations.