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Wedding Reception for 200
Can't tell you how helpful your site has been to me! We will be catering my son's wedding in August. This is my menu: rigatonis with meatless sauce, fried chicken, Italian Beef, ham, potatoes with butter sauce, your green bean casserole, fruit cups, salad, rolls/bread and wedding cake for dessert. How much of each do you think so no one goes hungry? We will be eating about 6:30 to 7 p.m. Thank you for any input!
Brenda, you need to make a stab at estimating this and post it so I can respond.

The hardest part is the meats; I would do 1 piece of chicken per person PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat ham (1 pound for 5) PLUS about 55 pounds ready to eat beef You will have some leftovers, but not too much, and everyone will get their first choice

Sorry about that! Here goes:
20 lbs rigatonis
50-16 ounce jars of sauce
225 pcs chicken
4-14 lb (give or take)semi boneless hams
50 lbs of potatoes
7-#10 cans of green beans/following your recipe
24 heads of lettuce(based on your Salad for 25)
Salad fixings based on your recipe
15 lbs assorted melons
10 lbs grapes
wedding cake
cookie table/500 cookies
5 lbs strawberries
assorted breads/rolls
and I was not sure about the beef so I will make 55 lbs as you have suggested.
Thanks for your input!
You will probably be a little long on the pasta, but it is not expensive. I would make 3 1/2 to 4 times my green bean recipe for this size crowd. The 15 pounds whole melon is only about 8 pounds of edible fruit; picture 1 one large water melon for 200 people...you will have plenty of meat.
Everything else looks fine;
ingrid phillip
rice,peas,chicken,pork,fish,vegetable,green salad,potato salad macaroni pie
Ingrid, what is the question? What is the event? What time of day? And how are each of the meats being prepared?

This is primarily a DIY site Use the plan for 100 tables, make an initial estimate and post it and I will be happy to check it for you.

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