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How to cook 20 pounds of burger quickly
I could use help cooking 20 pounds of hamburger for tin foil dinners for a scout event. We want to save time and pre-cook the meat rather than do over the campfire for 75 people. Appreciate any ideas to save time. At this point I am going to fry a few points at a time - no cover on the pans.
Do you have a Dutch Oven group in your area? They could do it or teach you how to. It's really a lot of fun and the troop could help.
Leona, thank you for the tip. No Dutch Over group that I know of. I should have clarified - this is for cub scouts, so no cooking for them (yet). We do have a large slow cooker. Or can this be done in an oven? Any ideas welcome, and thank you in advance for your help.
See the once a month cooking section for the beef base.

You can cook the whole amount it the oven in two or three pans, 300-325, stirring occasionally, to a temp in the middle of 165.
This is a food safety challenge. You MUST chill it down rapidly when cooked, (place in pans or baggies, thickness less than two inches, into ice water), keep it below 40 degrees and the heat rapidly. If I remember foil packet dinners right, the cooked meat will be way overdone by the time the veggies get cooked.