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Oven BBQ Chicken
Hi Ellen. I am having party of 120 and want to do BBQ chicken thighs (in the oven). How would you go about doing this? Can I precook? I have two large ovens I will be using the day of the party... THANKS!
I have a large oven and can do about 40 thighs (16-20 pounds) at a time. Since you want about 2 pieces per person if that is the only meat, you will do a batch, put it in a Nesco roaster preheated to 200 and cover with sauce, then continue.
To precook chicken, for food safety, you have to cook it all the way through and reheat.
Brining/ marinating is a good thing for baked chicken that will be held.
So can I marinate Thurs. night, precook (thoroughly) Friday, fridge overnight, then reheat Saturday at the party w/BBQ brushed on? If so, if I take out a couple of hours before reheating so they are not ice cold when I begin, what temp and how long do you think to reheat? thanks a bunch
Do not take out more than 1 hour ahead- not safe. If reheating in the roaster, I would be generous with the sauce, poured on, not just brushed on. 325, allow two hours. Check temp of a piece in the middle after an hour, when it is 180, turn down to 180 to hold.
I wanted to reheat in the oven -then transfer to chafing dish/sterno... Was hoping there was a fast method of reheating, which was my purpose for precooking... ?
Yes, you can reheat in the oven and it will be quicker (30-40 minutes- make some ahead and try it), but do still use a pretty good dollop of sauce.
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